The technical design drawing provide by our customer for their required product studied thoroughly by through our technical design experts .  The given drawing is made into 2d drawing. The 2d drawing is scrutinized  by our quality check experts.  After completion of 2d drawing it goes to stag of process.


We have R&D department with our CAD (Computer-Aided Design)/CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) designers to facilitate and to enhance the quality and the satisfaction of the  clients in their products and  to meet the structural requirements.PIF-GROUPS


The required pattern is made that replica the given drawing from customer, for which the product has to be done. The pattern is made with expert pattern makers with all standard of construction. The pattern makers decides where sprues, gates, risers, cores and chills to be placed according to the requirement of the design and required allowances also made to rectify the structural dimensional changes arise during casting.



Proof machining is the process in which unwanted materials are removed by machining process through which the required dimensions are obtained. After it under gone the proof machining process with precise dimensions quality check is allowed to move on to next process.planomilling-pif-groups


3D Modelling is nothing but is the development of prototype for our product from the cad software that visualizes our future work in it.  The exact 3d-model is made from the 2d drawing by our design experts which reflects the product with high dimensional accuracy.


COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL programming  is encoded into the VMC machine that act precisely for the coded program. Program is written into the storage device by our technical programers by keeping dimensional requirement in mind.DSC_0138



We have equipped with required machines that needs for machining our customer product like  VMC DAHLIH-720, VMC LITZ.DSC_0144



After the product is undergone thee above process is setup for assembly and is assembled for trail process.



Trail is made from the obtained die tool  to check the product that result out from the die. After  the final quality it will be delivered to customer.