DIE making is an economical process which can produce vast range of products with variety of shape and sizes with all manufacturing techniques. Dies can used for producing large number of products in a cost effective time. Close tolerances is maintained for mass production with high speed production.


The semi-solid alloy or metal is forced under high pressure into a steel tool; the semi-solid metal solidifies rapidly and takes the form of the die tool along with good surface finish like that of die tool. Thus a PDC die tool will impart excellent surface finish as high quality cast product to our customer service.

With excellent surface finishes PDC parts are ejected from the die tool.  split lines, ejector pin mark and waste gates are cropped off with minimal surface finish operation and parts are fine finished to with high surface finish.


gravity die pif groups gravity die pif groups PRESSURE DIE-gravity1 GRAVITY TACKLE SYSTEM-pif groups gravity die (2)


  • Good dimensional accuracy
  • Smoother cast surface finish
  • With good mechanical properties
  • With fine inner walls in our dies
  • Steel pins and inserts can be made into die part
  • Faster production times compared other manufacturer
  • Highly heat resistant.
  • With close tolerances.
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Dimensionally accurately
  • Highly durability